What Gas Grill

You can use any gas grill for barbecuing that has a hood and one that you can get the temperature down very low, you are looking for a temperature of around 90C to 110C at the cooking height, it is better to have at least two burners so you can place to meat over the one that is off (indirect cooking) its also easier to maintain the low temperature, A thermometer is very useful providing it's marked in degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit.


How to get the Smoke

You can purchase cast Iron or Aluminium Smoke Boxes made for the job, soak the wood chips for at least two hours before you use them, put the soaked wood chips in the box, then place the box over the burner, see All about Wood and Wood Chips

But by far the easiest way is to wrap a handful of soaked wood chips in a couple of layers of Aluminium foil, then just before you use it, make holes in the top and place it on a hot surface above the burner

If you want more smoke, have several ready, when one has finished producing smoke replace it with the next one, remembering to make the holes in the top first, two is normally sufficient, but this very much depends on the wood used and on your personal taste.



If you have two or more burners, place a drip tray partly filled with water over the unlit burner under the grill mesh, light the other burner and stabilise at the desired cooking temperature see Meat and Cooking Temperatures, add the wood chips as about, then put in the meat over the drip tray and close the hood, the rest is the same as cooking with wood or charcoal




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