Instant Read Thermometer

When barbecuing we cook by temperature, not time. The meat is cooked and still juicy at certain temperatures and becomes dry and tough if cooked much longer. These thermometers are about 8.00 to 20.00 and tell the temperature instantly. You always know when the meat is cooked to perfection. There are some very good digital ones available in the UK.


 Everyday spatulas are great for lifting the meat,  at times you may need two of them to lift the meat. Avoid using a large fork to stick into the meat. This will simply allow the moisture to drain from the and make the meat drier.



 Tongs are very useful . Used properly, they allow picking-up, turning or removing the meat from the grill or smoker without putting  a hole in the meat and letting out the valuable juices. Pick one that is comfortable to use. There is another type that is a combination of spatulas and tong. The spatulas is placed under the meat for lifting and the tong is pressed on top to keep the meat stable when being moved I find this type very good.


A good quality knife is essential. The knife must be sharp and clean. Many of the better knives are carbon steel which are easy to sharpen but will rust if left wet. Stainless steel knives will retain their edge longer between sharpening,, but make certain they are large enough, use a ceramic knife steel to sharpen them if you can afford one.

Carving Forks

Usually they have two prongs and the best ones have a guard to stop you caving your fingers as well, they are  used to hold the meat securely, save these forks for carving! They will hold the meat steady while you carve the meat with the large razor sharp carving knife.

Cutting Boards

A good cutting board is a must for the outdoor or indoor chef or cook. A quality heavy duty board will
give you the needed surface and durability to last for years
and years.

Sauce Mop

The barbecue sauce mop is great for 'dabbing' or otherwise placing a marinade, basting liquid or barbecue sauce on the meat being cooked. It lloks like a small household washing-up mop. They come in several sizes . Hard to get in the UK so you may have to improvise.





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