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There are many types of outdoor cookers available. One of the most popular cookers in the southern parts of the USA is the Wood Smoker or Barbecue Pit. A typical Sidewinder Pit (shown above), they are usually around 400mm to 500mm in diameter and 600mm to 1000mm in length with a "firebox" at one end. This indirect method of outdoor cooking is called barbecuing! and requires much more time than grilling
On a grill the meat is placed directly over the fire (heat) and is cooked very quickly with frequent turning. This is called grilling! Not Barbecuing many people incorrectly refer to grilling as barbecuing and there is a BIG difference because it is, done with indirect heat and takes much longer.
Gas grills, like wood/charcoal grills cook over direct heat. The differences are. First, the gas grill gets its heat from gas [propane, butane, etc.] and lights quickly. Second,  gas grills do not use wood or charcoal for the heat, so do not give the food the same smoked flavour as it would in wood or charcoal burning grill.
The Water Smoker is a recent addition to the barbecuing scene. It is used more and more by the 'back garden  barbecuer 'many of the regular wood smokers on the market now incorporate the same method in their pits, making moist and flavourful tasting meats. How a water smoker works is the water is heated to it boil's. The water particles then bond with the smoke  from wood, this then condenses on to the meat while coating the meat with smoke flavour, the meat is also basted at the same time. The water vapour also prevents the temperature in the cooking chamber rising much over 100C the boiling point of water.


































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