Cooked Sausage

Made with fresh meats and then fully cooked. The sausage is either eaten immediately after cooking or must be refrigerated and is usually reheated before eating. Examples include Braunschweiger, Veal sausage and Liver sausage.


Cooked Smoked Sausage

Much the same as cooked sausage, but it is cooked and then smoked, or smoke-cooked. It can be eaten hot or cold, but is stored in the refrigerator. Examples include Wieners, Kielbasa and Bologna.


Fresh Sausage

Made from meats that have not been previously cured. This sausage must be refrigerated and thoroughly cooked before eating. Examples include Boerewors, Italian Pork sausage, Fresh Beef sausage and the British Banger.


Fresh Smoked Sausage

This is fresh sausage that is smoked. After smoking, the sausage can then be refrigerated and cooked thoroughly before eating. Examples include Mettwurst and Roumanian sausage.


Dry Sausage

Made from a selection of meats. These are the most complicated of all sausages to make, as the drying process has to be carefully controlled. Once produced this type of sausage can be readily eaten, and will keep for very long periods under refrigeration. Examples include Salamiís and Summer sausage.



This is also commonly known as "Bangers" they are a fresh pork sausage and all have a certain amount of bread crumb in them, the predominant flavour is derived from sage, Irish sausages are very similar. They are traditionally stuffed into Hog casings.



This is the sausage of pizza and can be frozen in bulk or stuffed into hog casings for sandwiches. The predominant flavour is derived from fennel and the meat is pork.



This is the sausage of Octoberfest. It is made from pork and veal and a long list of spices.

In this country it is stuffed into hog casings but in parts of Germany and my favourite is the sheep casing size.



These are fermented sausages made from pork and beef. Summer is cooked, Salami is dried and beer sticks can be either. Smoking is optional.

The Summer can be stuffed into fibrous casings or beef middles for the traditional size. They can also be stuffed into sheep casings for beer sticks. As there is a great deal of shrinking in Salami, they can not be stuffed in fibrous casings.



These are cured sausages made from pork liver, pork hearts and pork. Braunschweiger is smoked after cooking hence the "braun" in the name.

They are best stuffed into beef middles as fibrous casings do not shrink with the sausage.



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