Where to get equipment

Your best bet in the UK is to look up Butchers Sundries or Butchers Supply's in your local Yellow Pages and give them a ring.


For Mail Order try


They ship to the UK




A list of tools & equipment that is needed to make Sausages



A standard kitchen

Specifically a decent assortment of sharp knives, measuring cups/spoons, mixing utensils and a small weight scale. A food processor, mixer or one of those "outboard motor" hand held things. A garlic press is useful if you prefer to use fresh garlic and last but not least a spice/coffee grinder. I have two of them, one for all the spices I grind and pulverise, and one for coffee since I can't get the spice flavours out of the first one.


Plastic containers

I use 20 Litre square tubs and 20 Litre buckets. You need lids to prevent drying out and to prevent the other foods in the refrigerator from acquiring the flavour of the sausage. Do not use any of the metal ones, since the brines tend to corrode/discolour these but most important, the metal leaves an after taste that is not too appealing in the sausage.


Wood or sturdy plastic stirring instruments

I use wooden spoons or spatulas. I also have a bag or two of surgical gloves (Bought wholesale). There are times where a stirring instrument cannot or will not get you the even mixing you want, so using the gloves, resort to mixing the meat by hand. I also use these when I am packing the stuffer. Air pockets tend to do weird things to casings when they explode out of the stuffer.


Cotton twine or string

The twine is used to tie off the ends of the sausage although I have just used the casing to tie over itself to make a knot. But in the case of a rupture, the twine makes for a quick fix.


Meat mincer (grinder)

I am currently using a Kenwood Chef, with a mincer (grinder) attachment.


A stuffer

You can get these as a push rod type, a hand crank type, and electric model or even a hydraulic one. Your budget should be your guide, I use the attachment that fits onto the Kenwood Chef mincer (grinder).


An ice pick or other pointed poker

Sewing needles work, but your hands do tend to get a little greasy so this gets very, very tedious.


Equipment for Smoking foods

Muslin/cheesecloth bags, Small cross sectioned racks, Hanging hooks I have made some from old coat hangers.

Rods or poles in the smoker, Last but not least a smoker, commercially made or home made, what type really doesn't matter as long as it does what you want it to do.




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