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I have collected together over 2250 recipes loosely associated with Barbecuing or Sausage making. The FREE MXP Reader is Freeware and maybe coped and distributed freely, it is a self extracting ZIP file Mxpview Software 811K. I hope you enjoy some of the recipes

To add the recipe files download them and put them in the same directory as the Mxpview Reader, or download all the recipes "All in a self extracting File 813K this file will install them in the same directory as the reader. John Wells











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 Barbecue, Sausage and related Recipes (in MXP format)
Appetisers 34K Information 49K
Barbecue (grill) 172K Jerky 49K
Barbecue (Smoker) 118K Lamb 14K
Barbecue Sauce's 520K Marinades 147K
Beans 49K Mops Slops & Bastes 45K
Beef 172K Pork 96K
Beef Ribs 2K Pork Butts 25K
Brines 58K Pork Ribs 86K
Brisket 50K Potatoes 96K
Burgers 10K Poultry 345K
Carolina BBQ Sauce 124K Pulled Pork 13K
Chili 34K Rubs 234K
Cole Slaw 69K Salads 508K
Desserts 55K Salad Dressings 32K
Dips 38K Salsa 47K
Fish 311K Sausages 118K
Ham 22K Seafood 46K
Hushpuppies 35K Vegetables 11K
Ice-cream 158K All in a self extracting File 813K


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