Now that you have purchased your Gas Grill, we will now look at using the grill to cook good steaks, briskets, chicken, turkey and fish.

The Gas Grill is quite versatile. You can cook low and very slow for smoking, medium for good barbecue or on high for great grilling. For now, we are going to cover just the basics.


Some hobbies have risks: sky diving, bunji jumping, scuba diving . But you would not suspect barbecuing would be one of them! Normally this is true, but gas grilling has risks as well. You can cause serious injury to yourself, your greatest and dear I say it your food if you do not follow the proper procedures which come with your Gas Grill.

Always light the grill with the hood open, even on a windy day! If you turn on the gas and try to light it with the lid down, you have created a bomb. Just remember a bomb means hospital, a hospital means hospital food, now that should help you remember to open the lid!

Another thing to remember is , do not allow your clothing to catch fire. Barbecued meat tastes better than barbecued barbecuer! be very careful.

Finally, if the fire does not start right away, turn the gas off, allow the gas to dissipate for several minutes and then retry.



If your grill did not come with a thermometer or is one that's marked Low-Med-High etc., then fit a good quality one yourself. A thermometer with a range of 0C to 350C will do nicely.

The only time it is necessary for a higher temperature is when you want to burn off accumulated grease. A good way to burn off residue grease on the rocks is to rotate the rocks and heat them on high for 10 to 15 minutes or until most of the smoke is gone.



Gas grills have a habit of flaring up out of control if left alone for to long. The reason is simple. While cooking, the meat will, release fat. This fat will drop on to the rocks below and build up. After a time the fat will seep down and come in direct contact with the flame. It takes very little time for the flame to flare up as uses the rest of the fat for the fuel.

The answer is simple, use a spray bottle full of water to wet the source of the fire. This will not putt the gas fire out, the gas flame is protected by the way the grill is constructed. You are simply putting out the grease fire. The best indication of a fat fire is the amount of black smoke the grill is putting out. Keep your eye on it. Remember the cure is simple; the result of an unattended fire is a disaster!


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