the following will provide extensive information on the use and maintenance of grills using bottled propane or butane!

Gas Grills offer several unique advantages not available to users of charcoal grills or smokers. Gas grills are easily started, reach cooking temperatures quickly, maintain constant temperatures, and are easy to shut down when grilling is completed. They are very covenant for those quick grilled meals after work.

Cast Iron, Aluminium or Sheet Metal

A good Gas Grill will be made of Cast Iron, Cast Aluminium or Stainless Steel. The cast iron, Aluminium or Stainless Steel units will last longer, be more durable and cost a lot more than Sheet Steel units. The grill should also have a hood with adjustable air holes for heat control.

Cast Aluminium Gas Grills are the best for all round durability and strength and are the most common in the UK and Europe.

Two, Three or Four Gas Burners

Look for a grill having a minimum of two gas burners, three are better and makes it more versatile when it comes to the heat control. Indirect heating may be accomplished by using the gas burner on one end of the grill and placement of the meat on the other. A water pan may be added directly beneath the meat to make it perform similar to a water smoker/grill.


Food Grids

The Business part of the grill is the Food Grid. This grid covers the whole of the cooking area above the diffusing material and burners. They can be constructed of any of the following.

  1. Round chromed steel bars
  2. stainless steel 'bars', very good
  3. bars' covered with ceramic, clean easily but crack in time
  4. cast iron the best
  5. cast iron covered with ceramic, clean easily but crack in time

Outside Shelving

A very useful extra . It is very convenient to have a nearby surface to place the food on.


Built-in Thermometer

Some people consider this an option, I consider is essential. The temperature has to be carefully controlled to insure tender, moist foods. Always cook as slow as possible. Use your instant read thermometer to determine when the food is cooked.


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