Yellow Sauce For Pulled Pork

   900ml                cider vinegar
   50ml                 honey
   50ml  cup            yellow prepared mustard (French's)
   4      tablespoons   brown sugar
   4      teaspoons     salt
   2      teaspoons     ground black pepper, coarse
   4      teaspoons     red hot pepper flakes, pulverised

Heat all in a sauce pan on low for approx.  30 min, whisking while heating.  The honey and mustard I start with a 50ml and than just add by taste.  It usually ends up somewhere less than 100ml.  The pepper flakes are the kind you would sprinkle on pizza.  I smash them so  piece doesn't get stuck in a judges teeth and starts to burn.  I use about 100ml to 175ml of finished sauce to a 2.5kg.  pulled butt.