Marinade And Basting Sauce For Brisket Of Beef

   750ml                dry red wine
   225ml                olive or peanut oil
   2      tablespoons   wine vinegar
   2      teaspoons     onion powder
   1      teaspoon      garlic powder
   3      teaspoons     salt
   3      tablespoons   mustard (French's)
   2      tablespoons   prepared horseradish
   3      tablespoons   lime juice
   2      teaspoons     ground cayenne pepper

Mix all of the ingredients really well and then pour over whole beef brisket.  Let marinate for several hours, or overnight if possible.  Also, use this marinade as a basting sauce.  Some people may find Justin's 750ml of dry red wine a little bit too much for their taste.  No problem, use as much as you like in the sauce, and drink the rest.  Sure won't go to waste.