Country Style Ribs



Country style ribs come from "high on the pig" and therefore have generous portion of the pork loin attached. They are, like a thick pork chop sliced open to expose the centre of the loin and the ribs section is the same that the faddish loin back ribs come from. Since the country style ribs are not as fashionable, at the moment, they often sell for less than the t loin back ribs and loin backs are just country style with the loin meat removed. The loin meat of the country style rib is very tender.

Allow 3-4 ribs per person. Trim off excess fat and extraneous meat and wipe it dry.

Dry Seasoning

Sprinkle generously with garlic powder, onion powder and paprika. and lightly with thyme, black pepper and salt and allow to come to room temperature.

Prepare your grill for barbecuing as you normally would, you want a temperature around 100C, and coals or charcoal for 3-4 hours of cooking. Control the temperature with the air inlet. Use good, hardwood charcoal, if you are using charcoal. Add English oak or hickory for smoke flavour, if desired.

Basting Sauce

Prepare a basting sauce of 65ml each of corn oil, water and Worcestershire and add 1 tablespoon each of garlic powder, onion powder and 1 teaspoon each of mustard, thyme, ground bay and celery seed, this is a common sauce found in many recipe books, for other sauce's take a look in the BBQ Recipes and Recipe Archive sections.

When the coals are ready, baste the ribs and place them on the grill opposite the coals. Close the grill and have a long cool beer. Baste and turn ribs about every half hour.