Coachmans Salad


This recipe is of German origin and has a typical sour cream dressing that the Germans like so much, try it yourself


250g of German sausage  
300g of Green Beans  
2 Hard boiled Eggs  
1 Cucumber  
1 Red Pepper  
1 Big Onion  





 175ml    of Soured Cream
 1  Tablespoon  of Mayonnaise
 1  Tablespoon  of White Wine Vinegar
 1  Teaspoon  of Brown Sigar
     Salt and Pepper to taste
 3  Tablespoons  of Chopped Chives 





Mix ingredients for dressing separately

Wash green beans, blanch drain, and chill them. Cut sausage, cucumber and eggs in to slices. D the same with the red pepper and onion but cut them in to smaller peace's.

Pour prepared dressing over salad just before serving.